Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday at the 2009 Chicago Comic Con

My legs hurt and I'm already for bed before 10pm. After walking for dozens of miles all over the center, and going through hundreds of comic boxes in search of deals, I'm beat. Instead of talking about what I did, I figured I'd share some pics from today's floor.

Let's start off with some Star Wars dudes:

Now, let's move onto the ladies:

Don't think all I did was take pictures of scantily clad girls. I got some beefy man pics too:

What would a convention be without the guy who always dresses up and prances about like Jack Sparrow?
Finally, the best costume of the entire show. Behold... Supergirl in drag!


  1. Wow. the dude under the chicks cape is awesometastic.

  2. Definitely the high point of the show.