Saturday, August 8, 2009

2009 Chicago Comic-Con Saturday

Just wanted to throw up some more pics from the Con. Enjoy!

(Yes, the above picture is Jake Busey. If you don't take his picture, his dad will come for you.)

Here's the type of picture that will get an engaged man un-engaged real quick:
I had to take a picture of Rob Liefeld. For a guy who can't get enough of pouches on the people he draws, he surprisingly has a lack of them on his own clothes.

This is Kristanna Loken that, if I've learned anything from Terminator 3, can increase the size of her boobs to keep from getting traffic tickets.

If it weren't for the Green Lantern group, this would have been my favorite group of customed attendees for today:

Apparently, if you buy one of those muscley costumes, you can still get a hot girlfriend (that just goes to show you how much I know):

Yeah, I think Supergirl has been well covered throughout the con:

What a bunch of Jokers:

Doesn't look like ol' Billy Dee is telling this guy to "fuck off"?

There were two highlights to my day. One highlight was a great idea orchestrated by these guys from Unshaven Comics:
For a minimal charge (and it really was minimal for original art), you can request a fully inked and colored drawing of any character you wish. But, as an added bonus, they had a wheel with each of the eight different lantern colors from
Green Lantern. After telling them who you wanted, you spin the wheel and whatever you land on would be how the character is drawn. So, I asked for Brock Sampson. Here's my drawing of Brock, the baddest mofo on Adult Swim, as the embodiment of (of all things) HOPE as a Blue Lantern:
I guess hope comes with a free ass kicking these days.

The other highlight was more than just a highlight of the day, or of the year. It, as a comic book collector and huge
Avengers fan, is likely the greatest highlight of any convention experience I've ever had. On Thursday, I had already met George Perez, my all-time favorite artist. He was attending with The Hero Initiative asking for donations for their very worthy cause. The deal was each day, 10 to 12 lucky people would win the opportunity to get a sketch from him for a $100 donation to the foundation. Yesterday, I didn't get my numbers called. Today, I was the first winner - a moment that helped me forget all the frustration from my first WizardWorld experience in 2001 (long story short, everyday I tried to get a sketch and everyday, I was twarted mostly by dealers who had access to lines before the attendees could get in through the door). Here's Mr. Perez at work on my sketch:
And here is the finished product:

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