Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chicago Comic-Con Finale

I didn't stay for the whole day, but my fiance and I did pick up some good stuff in Artist Alley and snapped just a couple pictures. First up, I got another character drawn as one of the emotional spectrum lights from Green Lantern. This time I opted for Homer Simpson and spun the wheel. Here's a picture of the result...
Also, I managed to find Ray Park (Darth Maul, Snake Eyes) at his booth and snuck a picture of him.
Last, but not least, I got a couple pictures of Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) and his wife, Adrianne Curry. I have to say that he didn't do too badly with her.
When I have a chance, I'll sum up and review all my thoughts and feelings of the 2009 Chicago Comic-Con. It was certainly interesting.

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